Dr. Ed Morrison (University of Portsmouth, UK)

Something in the way she moves: Motion and physical attractiveness

January 17, 2019 | 5 pm


Recent decades have seen a great increase in our understanding of human physical attractiveness by taking an evolutionary approach. Methods such as computer-graphics techniques and precise mathematical measurement have given us much insight into the biological basis of beauty. However, a potential limitation of much of this research is that it relies on static images, whereas real-life judgments are made on dynamic, moving stimuli. Much mating in the animal kingdom relies on dynamic courtship displays, and the role of movement in human attractiveness has been understudied. I will present several studies based around the use of motion-tracking and motion-capture, two techniques that can be used to isolate dynamic from static cues. These studies will show how movement is important in aesthetic judgments of the body and face, and how movement can be changed to increase attractiveness. New technology for studying movement is opening up a previously unexplored avenue of research.

Department of Basic Psychological Research and Research Methods (EVA Lab)
Faculty of Psychology (Lecture hall G, 2nd floor, left wing)